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Robust shell mitts for big and medium adventures

Kaspersen Winter Force Glove - 050600

Kaspersen Winter Force Glove – 0605

Robust shell-glove developed together with the Norwegian Armed Forces, to protect against wind, water and cold. The top part is made of durable, water repellent and windproof fabric. Water-repellent goat skin in the palm with reinforcements in exposed wear areas. Functional and robust tightening at the wrist and simple one-hand adjustment in the collar to keep out snow. The glove comes with a removable lining with innovative construction without any disturbing seams


Separate liner: Kaspersen Wool Liner – 0631

Separate shell: Kaspersen Winter Force Glove Shell – 0608

  • Robust Cordura® Dry comfort XT Polyamid
  • Highly water repellent
  • Goat leather
  • Size: 6-12