5 things to consider when choosing gloves

It's a shame to ruin your ski day with blue-frozen fingers. It is also unpleasant to sweat your hands. Here you will get help to choose the right ski gloves.

1. Mittens or gloves
The majority choose finger gloves for cross-country skiing. They are available in many designs like tighter models as Legend Slim, warm models like Touring or the bestseller Coach. Legend Slim, the warm Touring or why not our best seller Coach. If you are frozen, there are always an alternative to choose a mittens such as the lined race glove Celsius Race Mitt or the classic Mitt 1. The advantage of finger gloves are of course that you can easily handle pole straps, boots, etc. while the advantage of mittens are the extra heat you get by your fingers warming each other. 

2. Standard or slim fit
Many of our gloves have two fits. Standard varsion like Legend or the more narrower vesion Legend Slim. The fit on the "slim" version is about 5 mm narrower than the standard varsion.

3. Real leather or synthetic leather
Under each specific product, you will see what type of palm material is used. Real leather gives a unbeatable and warm feeling. Synthetic leather, in our case Clarino®, is very durable and easy to care, it can also be washed in the machine. 

4. Liners - A base layer for your hands
If you already have, or intend to get, a thin cross-country glove, you can always supplement it with an extra liner. A liner can be used both to get the heat up and to absorb up sweat and then take it off and have a dry glove left. Our range of liners can be found here.

5. Cover mitt
Whether you refreeze your hands depends on the pace and temperature. Regardless of outdoor activity during the winter, your hands are usually cold at the beginning before you get your heart up. With this in mind, we have developed the cover Overstrap which you thread over both glove and rod strap and can be easily taken off when you are warm enough. Biathlon Mitt is also a mitten used over the existing glove for extra heat. But made specifically for the biathletes. 

Our glove factory

Glove making is a real hand craft and it takes years to develop into a seamstress and the same goes for every part in the process of making our gloves.

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Corporate social responsibility

In our opinion, the best and most sustainable thing is to have a high quality and a strong cooperation between all parties involved in the value chain.

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The history of Lillsport

Today gloves from Lillsport are used in several different national teams and over the years Lillsport has been worn by Gunde Svan, Torgny Mogren, Thomas Wassberg, Marcus Hellner and Charlotte Kalla.

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