Quality at all stages

Corporate social responsibility

We at Lillsport are extremely proud that we have owned our own factory since 1991 and this has meant that we have complete insight into the manufacturing process and the well-being of our employees. We place great emphasis on continuously developing and improving our factory as a workplace to be the best possible employer. Over the years, it has become clear that the people who manufacture our gloves, and their collective knowledge, are the company's greatest asset.

ISO 9001:2008 och 14001:2004

"We place great emphasis on continuously developing and improving our factory as a workplace to be the best possible employer."

Tanneries and leather quality

A significant part of our gloves are made of leather, from thick and warm moose skin to thin and delicate leather from Ethiopian hair sheep so-called Cabretta. Working with leather is a craft and we believe that long and lasting relationships with our tanneries are the key to achieving and maintaining leather gloves of the highest quality.

We mainly use two types of leather. One type is Ethiopian hair sheep from the region around Amhara, Bahir Dar which is located near the Blue Nile. The hair sheep are kept there for food and the skins are collected and tanned by BAHIRDAR Tannery PLC. Which we worked with for about. 15 years. The other type of leather we use comes from game such as deer. These leathers originated in Poland and are provided by local operators near our factory.

Our suppliers comply with REACH, the provisions for chemical substances, chemical products and articles according to EU-regulations Reach (EC No 1907/2006) and CLP (EC No 1272/2008).

Mulesing-free wool

Wool is a fantastic material from nature with unbeatable properties when it comes to keeping your hands pleasantly warm. The wool we use comes from suppliers with elaborate systems to ensure that only mulesing-free wool is used in our products. The system is tested quarterly by Deloitte & Touche GmbH Economy Auditing Society, Munich/Germany.

Our glove factory

Glove making is a real hand craft and it takes years to develop into a seamstress and the same goes for every part in the process of making our gloves.

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Corporate social responsibility

In our opinion, the best and most sustainable thing is to have a high quality and a strong cooperation between all parties involved in the value chain.

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The history of Lillsport

Today gloves from Lillsport are used in several different national teams and over the years Lillsport has been worn by Gunde Svan, Torgny Mogren, Thomas Wassberg, Marcus Hellner and Charlotte Kalla.

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