Things to keep in mind to keep your hands warm

When cross-country skiing, you want a glove that is smooth in the ski pole but at the same time you do not want to freeze. An advice is to think layer on layer!

Outdoor life are a lot about layer on layer to avoid to get cold. We have some advice to stay warm throughout the training session or ski trip. If you often get cold, it is a good idea to supplement the glove with a Wool liner. If your gloves are tight and do not have enough space, you can instead use a cover mitten called Overstrap.

Here you can see our product Overstrap which is incredibly easy to pull over both glove and pole strap and then pick off when you get up the heat.

If you freeze much, we recommend that you choose one of our mittens for your ski trip Mitt 1They are still thin to be smooth in the pole strap but with a mitten you get more air inside the glove which results in keeping the warm better. To get more layers you can do as mentioned above, you can use a liner within the mitt. The function of the liner may also vary. You can choose a liner to stay dry or to transport away moisture. Wool liner keeps you warm and also absorbs and transports moisture away.

Things to keep in mind to stay dry

It is important that you also stay dry. If you sweat a lot, you can easily get frozen when you stop or slow down the pace. If you are going to go for a long workout or competitions such as Vasaloppet, it can therefore be nice to have a pair of extra gloves to change with. Our gloves transport moisture away and most of our lined gloves have lining that also transports moisture away. If you know that you sweat a lot and want a lined glove, we recommend Legend Thermo or Legend Thermo Slim as they have a lining that will keep you dry for longer during long workouts.

Remember that you should take care of your fingers as it is often fingers and toes that are most affected by the cold.

Our glove factory

Glove making is a real hand craft and it takes years to develop into a seamstress and the same goes for every part in the process of making our gloves.

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Corporate social responsibility

In our opinion, the best and most sustainable thing is to have a high quality and a strong cooperation between all parties involved in the value chain.

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The history of Lillsport

Today gloves from Lillsport are used in several different national teams and over the years Lillsport has been worn by Gunde Svan, Torgny Mogren, Thomas Wassberg, Marcus Hellner and Charlotte Kalla.

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