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Leather balm helps you to extend the life of your leather gloves

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5-pack leather balm is the nourishing balm for our leather gloves. Its formula penetrates deep into the leather, restoring its natural good feeling and softness while providing a protective barrier against abrasion. By applying leather balm regularly, you keep your gloves in optimal condition, extend their use and maintain their appearance. An indispensable addition to preserve the functionality of your leather gloves over time.


If you want to read more about how to take care of your leather gloves and how to best use leather balm, read our tips here: https://lillsport.com/sv/skotselrad/




Our glove factory

Glove making is a real hand craft and it takes years to develop into a seamstress and the same goes for every part in the process of making our gloves.

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Corporate social responsibility

In our opinion, the best and most sustainable thing is to have a high quality and a strong cooperation between all parties involved in the value chain.

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The history of Lillsport

Today gloves from Lillsport are used in several different national teams and over the years Lillsport has been worn by Gunde Svan, Torgny Mogren, Thomas Wassberg, Marcus Hellner and Charlotte Kalla.

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